Index of videos

Someset's fives walls, and how medieval English church architecture inspired a sport which thrives in Nigeria


Redcliffe Shot Tower: a world-first in industrial history, demolished for a 60s road-widening scheme


The regeneration of Spike Island: unbuilt motorways & metro systems, and car-centric architecture


The Somerset Coal Canal, and the mildly terrifying world-first caisson lock


Bristol's colourful historic terraces, and their 21st century reinterpretations


Winford aqueducts and the Bristol Waterworks Company's "Line of Works" 1846-51


How Bristol's rivers shaped the city + vice versa: a brief summary of the last half a million years


Bristol Byzantine: the unusually Moorish and Venetian-flavoured Victorian industrial architecture



Pedestrian Diversions is a youtube channel exploring local history, places of interest, architecture, cool engineering projects, cartography, pedestrian-centric urbanism, and stuff like that.

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It has no publishing schedule; I make and release videos as often or as rarely as my interest, motivation and free time allow.

This website exists primarily to provide easily clickable links to the sources, maps, photos and other assets used in researching and compiling the videos, and search-engine accessibility of the transcripts.